Kapil Dev says about his absence from the World Cup finals in India and Australia

Kapil Dev, India’s first World Cup-winning captain, has not been invited to the 2023 Cricket World Cup, the former cricketer confirmed on Sunday, November 19. “I wasn’t invited, so I didn’t go,” he told the media when asked why. He was not in the World Cup final between India and Australia in Ahmedabad. The cricket legend added: “I wanted to be there and it would have been better if the whole 1983 team had been there, but there is a lot of work going on. [with the World Cup]There are a lot of people involved and a lot of responsibilities, and sometimes people forget that.”

Kapil Dev was speaking at the APB News panel when he made the revelation.

The former cricketer led India to victory in the 1983 World Cup finals against West Indies, a feat that was only repeated in 2011 when India played Sri Lanka in the finals and won. With many hoping that Sunday’s finals would see India lift the World Cup for the third time, Kapil Dev’s absence has raised eyebrows. It is not clear whether Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who led India to victory in 2011, will also attend the match.

India will play at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad against Australia.

Australia won the toss and elected to participate. India saw three early falls of wickets with Shubman Gill, Rohit Sharma and Shreyas Iyer retiring at eleven overs. Virat Kohli left the field on the 28th over. India will now hope to defend the disappointing score of 240/10.

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