Katrina Kaif calls Anushka Sharma a ‘wonderful support’ for Virat Kohli: ‘Whenever he plays…’ | iTimes

Actress Katrina Kaif often praises her neighbors Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. The ‘Tiger 3’ actress, who was present at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad to watch the World Cup final between India and Australia, referred to Virat as an ‘inspiration’. While interacting with commentators at the stadium on November 19, Katrina revealed how she sees Anushka Sharma supporting her husband while he is on the field, and said, “They give great support to each other.” You can see when Virat plays, there is joy on her face, it’s nice to see. Praising Virat Kohli, Katrina added: “I think Virat is an inspiration to all of us, he is dedicated and disciplined. Look at the level of fitness he has brought, he has made himself better. You see the dedication and discipline he has brought to it. A few days before the finals, Katrina spoke to PTI and mentioned How she was cheering for Team India and her neighbor Virat Kohli. Katrina told PTI: “I am cheering for Team India, they played very well. The entire World Cup was a lot of fun to watch. She also spoke about her neighbor Anushka Sharma and her cricketer husband, Virat Kohli, and added: “Of course, Virat too, and Anushka is my neighbour, so I’m even more happy to see that… I’m rooting for them and rooting for them.” “I am sure Team India will be exceptional.” For more news and updates, follow us on ETimes.

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